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Hillcrest Christian College 

RTO 6441

Equestrian Trade Training Centre


Certificate III in Equine Studies

The 22513VIC Certificate III in EQUINE STUDIES provides students with the underpinning knowledge and skills to work in the 5th largest industry in Australia employing over 250,000 people.

Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre is a purpose build equine training facility located on the grounds of Hillcrest Christian College (RTO6441), we deliver state accredited curriculum providing skills to gain work in the many sectors of the equine industry.  Students develop and understanding of horses - their behaviour, care, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. 

We offer training and education that has strong industry base requirement and practical focus. We encourage our students to participate in the hands on day to day organising and implementation of equine practices and care. Maintaining reasonable level of fitness is required.

Delivery Methods

We offer two delivery options:

Face to face sessions held at Hillcrest's purpose built equine training facility Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre each Wednesday afternoon during school term.

Flexible - access to online learning system, regular webinars, tutorials and three x two day practical workshops held at Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre during school holidays.  Distance study is a great option for remote students who otherwise could not access the course or for metropolitan students who cannot attend Wednesday afternoons.


22513VIC Certificate III in Equine Studies is delivered over 2 years as part of a VET program delivered to secondary students and may be used as a VCAL or VCE subject. Equine Studies students have the option of SCORED ASSESSMENT for the VCE 3 - 4 sequence. This score can contribute to the student's ATAR, either as one of the student’s best four studies (the primary four) or as a fifth or sixth study.

Experienced, Industry Recognised Trainers

To ensure students achieve the best possible results, delivery of the course is provided by a team of experienced and highly regarded teachers with extensive industry experience.

Induction and Orientation

An Orientation day is held at the commencement of each school year.

Students learn and participate in:

  • Work effectively in equiine organisation
  • Provide basic first aid
  • Apply knowledge of horse behaviour
  • Handle horses safely
  • Identify equine anatomy
  • Prepare for the care of pregnant mares, foals and young horses
  • Assist in preparation for an event
  • Implement horse health & welfare practices
  • Implement and monitor horse feeding programs
  • Identify and describe equine physiology
  • Relate equine form to function

Induction and Orientation

Orientation is at the commencement of each school year or course intake.

Career Courses

The course will enable individuals to enter further education with an equine focus. This includes courses offered by TAFE and private RTOs in agriculture, horse breeding, horse management, racing, as well as those offered by universities or higher education providers in science or agriculture with an equine specialization.

Examples of qualifications include:

  • RGR20108 Certificate II in Racing (Stablehand)
  • RGR30208 Certificate III in Racing (Advanced Stablehand)
  • RGR30108 Certificate III in Racing (Trackrider)
  • RGR40208 Certificate IV in Racing (Jockey)
  • RGR40308 Certificate IV in Racing (Harness Race Driver)
  • AHC30310 Certificate III in Horse Breeding
  • SIS20210 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
  • SIS30410 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
  • SIS40310 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
  • SIS50310 Diploma of Outdoor Recreation
  • SIS20410 Certificate II in Sport Career Oriented Participation
  • SIS30710 Certificate II in Sport Coaching
  • SIS30610 Certificate III in Sport Career Oriented Participation
  • IS30710 Certificate III in Sport Coaching
  • SIS40510 Certificate IV in Sport Coaching
  • 21924VIC Diploma of Equine Performance Management
  • 22186VIC Certificate IV in Horse Breeding (Stud Supervision)
  • 22139VIC Diploma of Horse Breeding (Stud Management)
  • Bachelor of Equine Studies
  • Bachelor of Equine Science

Any queries please contact:

Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre

Email: equestrian@hillcrest.vic.edu.au

Mobile: 0411 055 790